Madurai 3 Star Hotels

Affordability makes 3-star hotels a hit among travelers

Affordability and decent customer service make three-star hotel is Moskva Hotel at Madurai most preferred among Indian travelers.

Some aspects of the guest experience are timeless. Travelers tend to expect, among many other things, cleanliness, complimentary shampoo, proximity to business meetings or key attractions, and an excellent view.

But with emerging technologies and evolving guest needs, hotels need to play catch up to remain current with guest needs. Here six hotel guest expectations.


After price and site, this might alright be the foremost important think about a guest’s decision to book. A survey by J.D. Power discovered that, alongside breakfast and parking, free Wi-Fi is one among the foremost essential amenities for travelers. Consistent with Gallup, many guests would hand over some amenities in exchange for free of charge Wi-Fi, while others still would be willing to pay extra for better connectivity. For several guests, Wi-Fi may be a necessity, not a privilege, and that they chafe at the suggestion that they ought to need to buy a service the cafe down the road is offering for free of charge.

Good value

With an influx of latest players within the hospitality sphere (think sharing services like Airbnb and residential Away), hotels got to show potential guests that they’ll get more bang for his or her buck by staying at their properties than they might at a local’s apartment. It’s time to travel above hotel guest expectations. It doesn’t matter what the worth is, as long as they feel that what they’re getting for it's worthwhile. Research from a quick Company article has shown that Millennial business travelers are more likely to book a rather costlier room if they perceive that it offers more value than the cheaper option.

Mobile check-in and check-out

Mobile bookings are here to remain, but the industry’s use of the smart phone doesn’t end there – it’s time to travel above hotel guest expectations. Travel-weary guests are not any longer keen to face in line for fifteen minutes while the group before them checks in. Trip Advisor found that 34 percent of travelers want their accommodation to supply a mobile check-in option. Because the service becomes more ubiquitous, this number can only rise.

Authentic service

While true that great service has always been a fundamental a part of hospitality, technology has replaced a number of the services guests once took without any consideration. Automation is driving more self-service — including mobile check-in and check-out — but fundamentally, guest’s still want hotel staff to require care of them. Poor service, consistent with USA Today may be a top driver for dissatisfaction among hotel guests, so hoteliers must encourage a culture of impeccable customer service if they want to win repeat visits. Cutting-edge technology can enhance the guest experience, but nothing can replace the human touch.


The guest of the 21st century is more environmentally conscious than the guest of decades past, more and more people are making changes in lifestyle to counter the consequences of global climate change. Increasingly, travelers are voting for more eco-friendly hotels with their wallets. a piece of writing from Skift revealed that an estimated 62 percent of travelers consider the impact on the environment when booking hotels, and 17 percent said they’d even be willing to pay more for eco-features. As another bonus, eco-features can even save hotels money — lights that close up when the guest leaves the space, for instance, can reduce hydro costs.

An emotional connection

It’s in hotels’ best interests to encourage guest engagement. Disengaged guests are less likely to return to a property and more likely to travel online to broadcast their dissatisfaction on the web. The bad news, consistent with Gallup, is that only 20 percent of millennial guests are engaged. The great news is that engaged guests are less price sensitive, no matter whether they’re luxury guests or economy travelers. This suggests guests with an emotional attachment to a property are more likely to book their despite their budget. Engaging guests is as simple as encouraging them to supply feedback and treating them like they’re unique. So set hotel guest expectations together with your staff to make sure a positive stay.

Researchers have also pinpointed a couple of amenities travelers could do without. We’ve rounded up a couple of them to offer you insight into ways you'll cut costs:

· The in-room mini-bar. Lately, many travelers don’t want to pay the steep prices related to items within the mini-bar, and as many hoteliers know, it’s expensive to stay them stocked. Consistent with Trip Advisor, it’s among the highest five amenities guests couldn’t care less about.

· Room service. Is room service going the way of the dodo, too? Guy Langford, the president of U.S. travel, hospitality, and leisure for Deloitte, says “people don’t want 24/7 room service. …They want good Wi-Fi. They need basic amenities, sort of a gym.” including the increasing desire for authentic, local experiences, it seems like guests would rather erode the award-winning restaurant down the road than order food into their hotel rooms.

· Bathrobes and slippers. It might seem most guests are just fine — actually , are easier — wearing their own clothes. Statistics from Statista show that 68 percent of hotel guests couldn’t care less if hotels ditched the bathrobes.

· Valet service. It seems that travelers — even those staying at luxury hotels — are comfortable parking their own cars. Research from Gallup found that “customers across all segments strongly accept as true with eliminating…valet parking.”

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